Do you provide a warranty for your selling electrical items?

Yes, all of the electrical items we sell in Malaysia following the Brands’ warranty policy.

In the regular warranty period,  will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of brand guaranty from the date of delivery of the product, except that batteries are covered under the warranty period as set forth at the list here. More detail according to different brands and please confirm with us.

Out of the warranty, will repair or replace the defective products; provided, however, that any such repair or replacement is contingent upon the availability of the required components. The customer shall pay the two-way shipping, packing, insurance, repair/replacement service fees and other costs, including necessary labor and parts.

Non-warranty, Leen Music reserves the right to inspect products returned from its customers in order to determine the cause of the problem. Leen Music shall return defective products that could not be repaired at no-charge, except for shipping costs. This warranty does not cover expendable or consumable parts and product problems related to the following:

  1. (1) Products damaged during shipping due to insufficient or improper packaging.
  2. (2) Damage caused by force majeure (such as fire, flood, war, earthquake, snowstorm, etc.)
  3. (3) Damage caused by normal wear of parts, scratches, surface rust or deterioration, improper use, improper storage, improper testing, negligent use of improper voltage or current, accidental damage, abnormal or unusual use, use of unauthorized accessories or modules, use contrary to the operating instructions, improper operating temperature/environment, or lack of regular maintenance.
  4. (4) Product repaired, dismantled, or altered by unauthorized technical personnel.
  5. (5) Damage caused by computer viruses.
  6. (6) Removed warranty seals or serial number stickers which void our warranty.

What situation you can return and get a refund?

As long as items are sold, you can not return and get the refund amount, only if we send a wrong item, then you can return to us and get your refund.

The returned products must be checked with the receipt together and the goods should be in good condition. The packaging should also be in the original condition. If the goods/products have been used or damaged by the customer, there will not be any refund. We will also not be responsible if your shipment is lost during the return transit. Once we have checked and confirm the products, the customer will receive their refund within 7 days after the confirmation.

Can I trust Leen Music to buy any productions?

We are very serious about our business and care about comments from our customers, currently, we have sold hundreds of items and serviced a lot of customers. we are so appreciative that until now we received 0 bad comments. We are very careful about packaging your products as well.

Does it have any extra charge, if I order from your main warehouse?

If you were in western Malaysia order a product that is small size and weights like Ukulele, Acoustic guitar, and small musical accessaries. We will use the air expressway, otherwise, we will use the sea shipping way. Usually, we do not charge an extra fee for international shipping and tax.

If you were in eastern Malaysia, it depends on your exact location and the items that you want to purchase. Therefore, we recommend you confirm with us before you make the decision.

How long it takes? If I order from your main warehouse.

If the things you order are not that large volumes and weight, we will use the air express method to save time, the period only just 5-9 days, after that the products will be in Malaysia. At the same time, we will follow to update the tracking status to you.

our customer tracking record, only 4 days waiting.

If you want to order a large volume and weight product like drum sets or pianos etc. from us, we will use the sea shipping. Usually, it costs around 14-20 days.

Will it be safe to transfer money to you?

We accept credit cards/debit cards/FPX/Grab Pay/Ali Pay/WeChat Pay/Google Pay. You can purchase from our other online platforms like Lazada as well. If you pay by cash, our company’s account and our running man’s providing account can be trusted, after the payment finish, we will provide the invoice to you.

What kind of payment methods do you accept

Leen Music accepts walk-in customers pay by cash and credit card, online buyers you can directly bank in to our company’s account, PayPal, or purchase from our other online selling platforms.

If you choose delivery service, you can cash on delivery or bank in the money to our running man’s providing account.