1 week ago

Customer ordered his third HsienMo Guitars to hang in the middle. A Nice corner😍

2 weeks ago

🙏Welcome customer give our service feedback!

3 weeks ago

📣Thank you Guitar Nation mentioning us.

📣We have kept a low profile since the Guitar Nation complained to Eastman a few years ago, and we no longer stock Eastman guitars in our showroom. Our ... See more

3 weeks ago

😆We are surprised they make this remark on us😆
Customers always come to us to look for Eastman guitars, but we always refer them to GuitarNation…Guitar Nation, Please provide evidence of ... See more

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2 months ago

🤩Happy Chinese New Year! All of your dreams ought to come true. We wish you luck, health, and abundant wealth in the coming year.🥰

2 months ago

R.I.P Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck, one of the most skilled, admired and influential guitarists in rock history, died on Tuesday in a hospital near his home at Riverhall, a rural estate in southern England. ... See more

2 months ago

🤩Dear my friends/musician,pianomusic lovers, Maksim Fans/customers, now you can buy ticket using our Promo Code : ‘LEENMUSIC’ to get 5% Off!👍🏻🔥

🤩The ground-breaking Maksim is ... See more

3 months ago

🤩Year End Sale now🤩Thanks En.Shahrul from klang he got Solid Top with Sapele back/sides guitar below Rm500, siap ada free bag…🤩🔥Good strings touching and sweet warm tone, gaodim manfaat ... See more

4 months ago

Customer strumming with Hsienmo F