Pre-sale guitar setup and inspection services are crucial to ensure that a guitar is in the best playing condition before it is purchased by a customer. We will do these following services after you purchased from us.

  • Visual Inspection: The first step involves checking the guitar for any scratches, cracks, or other damages visually. This includes examining the guitar’s surface, edges, headstock, and back.
  • String Action Adjustment: String action, or the distance between the strings and the fretboard, is adjusted to ensure the guitar is comfortable to play while avoiding any buzzing or unclear notes. The pre-sale check adjusts the string action to a comfortable height that is neither too high, making it hard to play, nor too low, causing the strings to buzz against the frets.
  • Neck Inspection and Adjustment: The guitar’s neck is checked for straightness, and for any bends or twists. If necessary, the neck’s truss rod is adjusted to correct the neck’s curvature, ensuring the right amount of relief and contributing to a comfortable playing action.
  • Intonation Check: Ensuring that the guitar’s intonation is accurate across all frets, including open strings and fretted notes. This may involve adjusting the position of the bridge or the depth of the nut slots.
  • Electronics Check (For electric and electro-acoustic guitars): All electronic components, including pickups, switches, knobs, and jacks, are checked to ensure they are functioning properly. This includes testing the output of the pickups, the smooth operation of the knobs, and the stability of the jack connections.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: The guitar is thoroughly cleaned, including the fretboard, strings, and body. When necessary, the fretboard and neck are treated to maintain the wood’s condition and extend the instrument’s life.
  • Hardware Check: Ensuring all hardware components, such as tuning machines, bridges, and nut, are securely attached and functioning correctly.

We have developed our own high-precision guitar nut and saddle grinding and adjustment machine, capable of customizing and quickly cutting the height of 1st strings through 6th strings. This allows us to set and adjust the guitar string action to the ideal feel through data-driven settings. This machine also aids in the perfect installation of piezoelectric pickups, leveraging its precision capabilities.