Alice AE530 Electric Guitar String Set, Plated Steel Plain String, Nickel Alloy Winding

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Plain String: Plated Steel
String Core: Hexagonal Core
Wound Strings: Nickel Alloy Winding
Ball-End: Gold-Plated
Packing: Paper Box
Steel electric guitar, strings, concert strings

AE530 plain strings are nickel wound strings. Wound strings are made of advanced hexagonal steel core and nickel-plated alloy. They’re gold-plated ball-end strings.

Produced by our precision machinery, it features a higher standard of anti-oxidation, electromagnetic efficiency, steadiness. And thus, lover by pop music players for its crisp-transparent timbre, definite layer expression, and comfortable feel. With anti-rust coating, these strings last much longer before oxidation sets. Production of automatic winding machines, consistent in quality and performance.