Alice AW438 Acoustic Guitar String Set, Plated High-Carbon Steel Plain string, Phosphor Bronze Winding, Multi-Layer Nano Coating

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• Plain String: High-Carbon Steel Plain String

• String Core: Hexagonal Steel Core

• Wound Strings: Phosphor Bronze Winding

• Coating: Multi-Layer Nano Coating

• For acoustic guitars, concert strings AW438 acoustic steel strings with multi-layer Nano coating feature better climate resistance and a brighter look.

The phosphor bronze string is favored for its long-lasting.

Phosphor Bronze Winding & High-Carbon Steel Plain String Phosphor bronze winding is favored for their long-tested manufacturing and full, rich tone color. And the high-carbon steel plain strings provide more strength and greater tuning stability. New Technology – Strings with Multi-layer Nano Coating Our new Muti-Layer Nano Coating gives this set better climate resistance and an even brighter look. Raw materials are silver-plated and polished, then 10-20 Nano-grade coatings are applied by high or low-temperature cycles with materials such as high polymer or fluorocarbon; the thickness is 1/5-1/10 of general coatings. Manufactured by this process, strings feature lustrous textures, dreamy colors, bright, full, warm tones, and a smooth feel. It is an ideal choice for performers.




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Alice AW438-XL, Alice AW438-SL, Alice AW438-L, Alice AW438-M