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The ROAD DOG is a word that has arisen in the United States, which means that some people have always been on the road to travel. At the same time, it is also to express some people, in order to achieve their dreams, never stop. The road dog, which is the loyal companion on the music journey, has a firm quality, so there is a powerful string called the road dog.

For the strings, we often worry that the strings are easy to rust, or the strings are not good. After the strings were coated, we were afraid that the hair would be raised for a long time, and there were a lot of strings that just started to play well, but it didn’t take long to make it worse. Road dog is pursuing an extreme craft, constantly reforming technology, it guarantees a good tone, and has a long life, because we have a special coating process, this craft has long been, the strings will not fluff. So, there is a powerful string called the road dog!

The guitar string of the road dog is coated with an extremely thin anti-oxidation coating on the surface of the wound wire of the bass. One string consists of a metal core (usually a steel wire) and includes a surround. a wire on a metal core. When you play the guitar, the uncoated strings will quickly accumulate grease, dust, sweat and skin dead skin between the windings. Uncoated will also accelerate metal corrosion, and the dead strings will affect Your performance. The road dog string adds a special anti-oxidation film to the strings. The coating forms a protective barrier between the strings and the environment. Because the outer surface of the strings has a film, the spacing between the wires can be protected. Thanks to the coating, the strings can be enhanced against corrosion by corrosive substances such as sweat on the hands and dirt in the air. Therefore, we can maximize the sound life. At the same time, our coating has a special feature, it does not fluff, because after the string is raised, it not only affects the tone, but also has a certain influence on the vibration of the string, so the sound of the dog string is fresh and beautiful. It gives people a refreshing feeling. The musicians who use the road dog strings tell us that the life of the road dog strings is 3 to 5 times longer than that of the uncoated strings, so that you don’t have to be frustrated and have more time to change the strings frequently. Passionate performance, while the road dog string sound is also very outstanding, so the road dog string will give you an extraordinary experience.

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Roaddog String