How can I purchase from Leen Music?

If you were in Malaysia you can go our Klang showroom to buy your idea productions, you can pay by cash or credit cards.

If you were far away from our Klang showroom, like in Johor Malaysia you can purchase from our Lazada shop then we will using Lazada to delivery to your doorstep.

If you were in Kl or PJ areas and you are lazy to drive far from your home to our showroom, some selected items(Free Delivery Testing Items) we are providing running man who can bring few instruments to your sweet home let you try at home. You can immediately get the goods if you are satisfied after trying.

If you were other overseas customers, you can buy from our Reverb shop or this website, we can directly shipping or express the production from our warehouse to your doorstep. Please confirm the shipping fee with us first.

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