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X2 combines a magnetic sound-hole pickup with a condenser microphone to provide a wide range of natural sounds, adaptable to various playing situations. The magnetic pickup’s strength is its articulation, high gain-before-feedback, and isolation from other nearby sound sources. The mic adds body and air to the sound to provide a rounder, more ambient tone.

In addition, X2 is also equipped with a 150 ft. range wireless transmission system to free players from the shackles of guitar cables. In the process of optimizing wireless transmission technology, both the sampling rate of sound and the anti-interference ability of sound transmission have been greatly improved, thus bringing the natural full original sound of your guitar to a wider audience in high fidelity.

The system features micro-adjustment eq controls that let you fine-tune the sound to your instrument ensuring the sound you hear acoustically is the sound you’ll hear amplified. The system is powered by rechargeable high capacity polymer batteries that will give you hours and hours of playing time, and an indicator that alerts you well in advance when you need to charge up.

You can use the wireless transmission system, or you can install the included 1/4” output jack either temporarily on your guitar using the leather strap peg holder, or permanently in your guitar by replacing the strap peg with the jack.

The X2 is a whole new generation of affordable wireless acoustic guitar performance!

X2 has a legible and ergonomic control plate. All the functions and controls are clearly listed. Details are as follows:

[ VOLUME CONTROL ] Overall output volume control. Set the volume as high as possible without causing distortion or feedback.

[ MIC LEVEL ] MIC blend control. Determines the amount of microphone output that is mixed with the overall volume. If you hear feedback, reduce the mic volume and/or move away from the speaker or amplifier source.

[ PHASE ] Use the Phase switch to improve bass response at low volume and suppress feedback at high volume.

[ EQ MICRO ADJUST] The system default is likely what all you’d need, but you can also customize your Bass and Treble EQ to your personal preference. Use the small phillips head screwdriver (also included) to make your adjustments. Set it, then forget it!

[ TONE OF MIC] MIC tone control, use this micro adjustment to alter the tone of the integrated condenser mic. Use the included phillips head screwdriver to adjust.

[ USB PORT] USB-C port for charging. System comes with a charging cable. Connect to a regular phone charger and charge it.

[ WIRELESS ON/OFF & PAIRING] Wireless controls includes two buttons, ON/OFF is a switch for wireless transmission, and MATCH is a channel selection for channel pairing between preamp and receiver. The system comes from the factory already paired with the receiver. If you need to rematch them, press MATCH for 3 seconds, the wireless module enters matching state when the indicator is flashing. Then turn on the receiver’s power. The system channel will pair automatically and the LED will light solid blue. Press MATCH again and you’re all done!

[ INDICATOR ] A multi-function indicator with different light colors. The indicator displays a green light when system on (indicator turns blue light if the wireless feature is active), it turns yellow when the battery is low and needs charging. If the light does not come on when means battery died, please recharge your battery. The indicator will turns red when recharging and turns green when fully charged.

[OUTPUT] Although the X2 is a wireless system, you can use the included 1/4” wired jack for output as well. Simply connect the 1/8” end of the jack to the “output” and run the cable out of the sound hole, insert the 1/4” jack end into the included leather endpin jack sleeve and install on the guitar end pin.

If desired, you can do a permanent install by removing the end pin strap peg, widening the hole to 12mm, and install the jack internally. Use the included cable retainers inside the guitar to keep the jack cable from vibrating or making noise during performance.

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