Lava Me Pro + Free Idea Strap Pro


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Lava Music has launched the Lava Me Pro, a live-performance focused update of its range of carbon fibre guitars.

The compact guitar design features a soundboard made out of Lava Music’s own AirCarbon material, which combines carbon fibre layers in a honeycomb structure. This means that it’s as stiff as normal carbon fibre but at around two-thirds the weight. Lava Music also says that the material doesn’t compromise on tone, providing “the elevated acoustic sound quality of a professional performance at a fraction of the size.”

The guitar’s neck construction is also unique, featuring carbon fibre and aluminium for a strong yet stable build which should deal with changes in temperature and humidity without affecting playability. The bridge, nut and saddle, are made with high-stiffness polymer

Powering the electronics of the guitar is the L2 PRO, an electronics system developed by Lava Music and L.R. Baggs. On hand are a built-in preamp, a chorus and a reverb. A Turbo button functions as a booster for the signal. The versatility of the guitar’s preamp will save gigging musicians from carrying around the essential effects on a board.


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